Federal and State Civil Litigation

It is easy for a civil lawsuit to spiral out of control or our emotions affect the underlying issues.  With the assistance of Terzian Law Group, we make sure to look for the best interest for our clients.

We look to see that our clients are making rational decisions throughout the litigation process by assessing the likelihood of having a successful lawsuit.

Our firms experience and knowledge with the Federal and State Rules of Civil Procedure allow us to guide our clients throughout the legal process.  Our experience includes:

Employment claims by firefighters and police officers involving gender, disability, sexual orientation, race and age discrimination as well as retaliation and wrongful termination;  Civil rights claims involving unlawful entry and searches by police officers and other First Amendment-related lawsuits; environmental impact reports, and conditional use and rezoning.  A wide variety of other cases involving jury bias, school district fees, fair housing laws, pensions, water rights and other similar claims involving state and federal agencies.

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We are a debt relief agent. We help clients file for bankruptcy protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.
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