Tax Relief

Tax problems can hold you back from achieving your dreams in life and business. They can also be frightening. The IRS and state tax agencies can be intimidating, and the tax code can be overwhelming, even for many lawyers.

At the Glendale, California, office of Terzian Law Group, we help individuals and businesses reduce their debt and resolve their tax issues.

We help with such matters as:

  • Personal tax audits

  • Sales and payroll tax audits

  • IRS tax debt

  • Tax relief

  • Offer in compromise

  • Tax levies

  • Bankruptcy

Our skilled attorneys have years of experience helping people and businesses regain control of their finances. We have a thorough knowledge of tax law and a good working relationship with the IRS, the Franchise Tax Board and other members of the court. We care about our clients, and we put all our skills to work in helping them resolve their tax and financial issues so that they can build better futures.

Taxes And Bankruptcy

We have helped many clients minimize their tax problems through personal bankruptcy. When you file for Chapter 7, the court imposes an immediate stay on debt collection, including tax debt and penalties.  When you file for Chapter 13, you get a stay on collections while you reorganize your debt under a payment plan that will take from three to five years.

Both forms of personal bankruptcy give you a chance to discharge some of your debts, including certain types of tax debt, which means they will be gone forever.

The Time To Resolve Tax Problems Is Now

The best time to seek out help from a tax lawyer is after your first notice from the IRS. Some of the most difficult tax controversies involve people and businesses who tried to ignore letters from the IRS, only making matters worse.

It’s important to remember that you have rights when tax agencies come after you. IRS officers do not have your best interests at heart, and tax agencies have a lot of ways to get money from you, including liens, levies, wage garnishment and more.

We often advise clients before their first IRS collection interview, telling them what to expect and how to avoid giving up more than they should. When you are our client, we can represent you at the interview, protecting you and your rights. From there, we can negotiate a fair settlement or argue your case in tax court.


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